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Success Stories

Vavunathivu Development Organization (Guarantee) Ltd.

Received Clean Water

“we have clean drinking water” for all in school. Now we enjoyed with the study because when we coming school we took little water from our home which is not enough as our class room is under temporary shelter and is heat. Now we  feel comfortable with the drinking plenty of  water. Now we can walk FAR and FAST.

Special Need Children

Dilakshan can do his day-to-day activity but was finding difficult to go to toilet, as his house did not have toilet facilities to suit his requirement as a special need child. This was observed and Vavunathivu Development Organization (VDO) constructed a toilet with ram facilities so that he can access to the nature of call independently.


Comprehensive success story of a school……!

From Navatkadu, Namahal Vidyalayam, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka after twenty-five years of time, more than 50% of the students, who had sat the island wide government grade-5 scholarship examination, had got through.


Tech Center for Rural Area School

Iruducholaimadu Vishnu Vidiyalayam is situated in rural area where access to technology learning is not available.

This technology centre will pave way for student’s learning in the school to develop new skills and understand the information through technology to hence their knowledge and compete with the modern world.


Yokitha is proud to own a push bicycle

This bicycle is a blessing for me. When I did not have a push bicycle, I was given a lift to school by my classmates. Then I was really thankful to them. Now I have my own, I too do the same give lift to other who are not in a position to own a push bicycle.


Demolishing of Abundant Unsafe Building

Ariyanaygam Krishanthiya age 17 years and studying in grade 12 said that before the demolishing the building they felt unsafe to go near the building.

They have been using this building for PT classes but still unsafe and had to move to other place for PT classes. Now she feels safe and protected.

First Rank in School

Manivannan Tharshana  is studying grade 1 at Kothiyapulah Kalaivani Vidiyalayam. She ranks first in her class. Thanks for all the assistance received from VDO.

Tharshana is one of the sponsored children in Kothiyapulah of the Singing Fish Area. Her village has undergone tremendous hardship during the conflict which she is not aware of them. However, now she enjoys a peaceful situation in her village and is being helped by VDO to have her rights of education, food and shelter.