415, Trincomalee Road, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


Vavunathivu Development Organization (Guarantee) Ltd.

Vision: A strong Civil Society where healthy children have been created – Healthy children living in a strong society.

Mission: Create a state access of the development in order to establish a strong civil society, which ensure a complete development of children by eliminating poverty.



  1. Implementing projects up to National level based small groups which connect the capital resources as stagey to eliminate poverty.
  2. Identification of projects , planning, implementing, develop plan to get participation of the people directly at the time of the intervening, valuation an implementing development plan to get the participation of the people directly at the time of the results.
  3. Protect natural resources in place of projects which increase the attitude to live on the basis of relief, direct the general public to stable development which can help to develop the manpower in order to basic needs of the people.
  1. Planning and implementing Education towards complete development of children, health, welfare work programs, conduct of the children, spiritual education.
  2. Planning and Implementing vocational training, sport and culture work plans for the young school leavers.
  3.  Always act to give prominent for the development good conduct, spiritual and culture progress
  4. Identify and develop different skills and power which hidden among the people and lead them towards production activities through those powers
  5. Arrange basic facilities of the small groups in an aim to increase production and income.
  6. Invest to the capital through groups the capital saved through cost management earned through rotation.
  7. Implement people development by giving priority to children of special needs, displaced and old aged.
  8. Respect United Nations Human Rights Organization and child rights commission and come forward to ensure those rights.